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The firm’s base clientele is diverse and both local and international. Locally our commercial clients include banks, hotels, yacht marinas, insurance companies, car dealerships and constrcution companies. Our international clients include well-known companies listed on US Stock Exchanges, international accounting firms, manufacturers, and distributors in electronics, clothing and food. The firm also has both local and international private clients.

Company Formation & Administration

The Territory of the Virgin Islands is an overseas territory of the United Kingdom and one of the several jurisdictions that are characterized as off-shore commercial centers. The BVI, as it is commonly called is, however, neither an offshore banking center nor a tax haven. While the jurisdiction does offer banking services to and the establishment of mutual funds by non-residents and its companies are not subject to corporate taxes or stamp duties, the focus of the BVI continues to be the incorporation of business companies (BVIBCs) which allow their principals flexibility and creativity in asset protection, estate management and as special purpose vehicles or which operate as well-recognized listed holding, investment and trading companies. All of this is accomplished in an unobtrusive, well-regulated environment that results in the acceptance of BVIBCs from the BVI throughout the world without compromising their advantages of speed of incorporation, tax neutrality and confidentiality for their owners.

McNamara Corporate Services Limited, the wholly owned subsidiary of the McW. Todman & Co, assists the firm’s clients in the formation and maintenance of BVIBCs; acting as Registered Agent for its several client companies. As registered agent, McNamara Corporate Services Limited incorporates BVIBCs for the firm’s clients, prepares share certificates, orders company seals, maintains the registers of directors, members and encumbrances, prepares corporate and directors’ resolutions, acts as a clearing house/mail forwarding service, conducts company searches, prepares apostilled documents, provides certificates of incumbency, acts as nominee shareholder or director, assists in opening of bank accounts, acts as liquidator in the winding up of companies and generally stands ready to assist our clients in all aspects of corporate activity.

McW. Todman & Co. is further able to assist clients in the licensing/recognition procedures for operations as mutual funds, banks, trust companies or insurance companies.


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