Cross-Border Network

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McW. Todman & Co. has several international links, which it uses to provide the optimum service for its clientele. Each of its lawyers has been admitted to practice in at least one jurisdiction other than the BVI. The firm is also a member of the Caribbean Law Firm Group with a network of relationships in all the common law jurisdictions that border the Caribbean Sea.

The firm has been recommended from time to time by several reputable firms of Solicitors practicing in London, Toronto, Perth, Singapore and Hong Kong as well as Attorneys in Miami, Los Angeles, Denver, Salt Lake City, New York and Washington D.C. and has worked in collaboration with leading English Queen’s Counsel from Erskine Chambers, Pump Court, Fountain Court and other internationally recognized Barristers’ chambers out of London. These network relationships are based on mutual respect arising from personal contacts and years of successful cooperation. This enables the firm to have ready access to high quality correspondent legal assistance to meet its clients’ international needs.

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